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Thursday 14 February 2019  

10.30 am

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Wednesday 13 February 2019  

10am to 6:30pm

Morning of sale from 9am

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Troubleshooting viewing PDFs.

If you keep seeing an old version of the Sale Catalogue when you try to download the latest PDF version of the sale catalogue you may need to make a simple change to Internet Explorer's settings. 

When you open a web page in Internet Explorer a copy of the page is saved in what is known as the "Cache".  This is done so that next time you open the page it will open more quickly.  It then 'refreshes' the cache periodically to make sure that the latest version of the page is there.  If it doesn't, simply clicking the 'Refesh' button in IE manually refeshes it.  PDF files, such as the Sale Catalogue,  are treated in the same way as web pages. 

Unfortuntately, PDF's can get 'stuck' in the cache and don't automatically get up-dated whenever the page is opened or when the Refesh button is clicked.  To solve the problem you need to make a simple change to Internet Explorer:-

  • Open Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Internet Setting icon (it looks like a cog and situated on the top right hand side of the screen)

  • The select Internet Options from the Menu

The following window will appear:-


Look at the section Browsing History and clcik on the Settings Button


Change the Check for newer versions of stored pages from 'Automatically' to 'Everytime I visit the webpage.'



Then click OK to close etc.

Clevedon Salerooms - one of Bristol's leading auctioneer and valuer