Final weekend to see Leonardo in Bristol

Take advantage of the final weekend to see a selection of Leonardo da Vinci drawings at the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery. Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing

3rd May 2019
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Sale Report - Thursday 24th April

Fresh from the Easter break, Clevedon Salerooms held another successful fortnightly Antiques & Collectables sale on Thursday 25th April, where once again the selling rate exceeded 92%.

25th April 2019
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Clevedon Salerooms are the ones to Watch.

The market for gentleman's' wristwatches continues its rapid growth as a new generation of collectors indulge their passion for these miniature mechanical marvels.

13th March 2019
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Congresbury Village Hall Valuation Event

A busy afternoon valuing antiques for charity awaited Clevedon Saleroooms valuers Toby Pinn and Mark Huddleston at Congresbury Village Hall on Wednesday 27th February - where there were some surprising finds...

28th February 2019
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Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Bristol’s prominence as one of the major British port cities of the 18th century is echoed in its artistic production of the time.

5th December 2018
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Am I not a Free Man and a Brother?

The familiar name of Josiah Wedgwood and his Staffordshire ceramics will be familiar to many antiques aficionados. Less familiar perhaps is the fact that he was also a very keen social reformer and humanitarian.

27th November 2018
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Blue John enjoys a purple patch

To those unfamiliar with Blue John, he’s not a he, it’s an it! A mineral which only occurs on one single hill, up in High Peak of Derbyshire beside the village of Castleton.

26th November 2018
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Pigeon portraits take off

Clevedon Salerooms are no strangers to selling the works of Bristol Artist Andrew Beer (1862-1954).  His portraits of prized pigeons turn up regularly and have in recent years started to reach new heights in terms of value.

25th November 2018
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