Congresbury Village Hall Valuation Event

A busy afternoon valuing antiques for charity awaited Clevedon Saleroooms valuers Toby Pinn and Mark Huddleston at Congresbury Village Hall on Wednesday 27th February - where there were some surprising finds...

28th February 2019
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Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Bristol’s prominence as one of the major British port cities of the 18th century is echoed in its artistic production of the time.

5th December 2018
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Am I not a Free Man and a Brother?

The familiar name of Josiah Wedgwood and his Staffordshire ceramics will be familiar to many antiques aficionados. Less familiar perhaps is the fact that he was also a very keen social reformer and humanitarian.

27th November 2018
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Blue John enjoys a purple patch

To those unfamiliar with Blue John, he’s not a he, it’s an it! A mineral which only occurs on one single hill, up in High Peak of Derbyshire beside the village of Castleton.

26th November 2018
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Pigeon portraits take off

Clevedon Salerooms are no strangers to selling the works of Bristol Artist Andrew Beer (1862-1954).  His portraits of prized pigeons turn up regularly and have in recent years started to reach new heights in terms of value.

25th November 2018
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Getting your house in order

This fine Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam ivory workbox, from the early 19th century, modelled as a house with the hinged roof revealing a fitted interior measures just 19cm wide sold at Clevedon Salerooms November Quarterly Specialist Sale for £4,500.

24th November 2018
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Banksy’s ‘Love Rat’ gnaws on bidders heartstrings

The Wiltshire vendor of this Banksy print titled Love Rat decided the time was right to offer this work purchased ten years ago.

23rd November 2018
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They shall not grow old

Clevedon Salerooms November Quarterly Specialist Sale  included a modest looking lot,  amongst the hundreds of items on offer , but one of particular significance in 2018.

22nd November 2018
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